Whats on offer at HQ

♦ Messy HQ, is the place to be ♦

We have THREE distictive areas:

Imaginative play area

Filled with cubby houses, and great toys to spark your little ones imagination.

Messy Play Area

We will have a craft, play dough, paint, messy play stations and a nature corner set up for your little ones to enjoy.

Sensory Corner

For the little ones to enjoy.

Which Session suits you?

Mini Munchkins

Suitable for ages 4 – 12 months

These sessions are designed to ignite the minds and senses of our babies.

Starting with playful interacting,

of music, sounds, and sight

 then letting them explore the world of messy sensory play.

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Moving Munchkins

Suitable from 1-3 years old

Well once they on their feet there is no stopping them.

Join us in some fun interactive singing, dancing, play followed with getting messy.

We will have different stations set up, from play dough, painting, and colourful rice.

All Messy Munchkins

This a session to include all ages, 1 -5 years old.

Fun, sensory activities set up for all ages to explore.

From craft activities to messy sensory play, a world of fun and unstructured child led play.