Mega Dinosaur Portable Play Kit

All orders completed by 12pm Sunday 4th July will be ready for contactless collection at Messy HQ on Wednesday 7th July between 9am-11am.

Mega Dinosaur Portable Play Kit. Designed to excite your childrens minds and ignite their imaginative ideas in play.

• Dinosaur laser cut out.
• Tub of paint
• Paint brush
• 5 dinosaurs*
• Jewels
• Dino egg rocks
• Black rocks – used in literacy and numeracy worksheets
• Pipe cleaners
• ‘Taste safe’ Snow
• Sand
• Wooden beads
• Create your own play dough dinosaur pack
• 2 colours of rice
• Slime
• 2 x 280g play dough, green and brown
• Mini plastic fence
• Volcano kit, 2 x Test tubes (bicarbonate of soda and red vinegar)
• Grass and Cardboard base
• Ideas to play guide
• 3 worksheets

*Parental supervision is required as small parts may be included.


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