Frequently asked Questions

Are all products used taste safe?

We try to only use taste safe items during messy play. Some set ups may include items we do not recommend to taste or eat, such as mud, shaving cream, obleck etc, they are not very tasty.

Do you cater for allergies?

Yes we aim to be nut, egg and dairy free. Some items could have traces of nuts. Any other allergies, please call to discuss prior to booking. 

What type of tickets are on offer?

We offer casual passes out of Term. We will have Term passes on sale a few weeks prior to term starting.These are limited and will only offer casual passes during term if someone has gone on holiday etc.

So grab your term pass to not miss out.

What do I need to bring?

A change of clothes, wet wipes and towel. Incase you and your munchkins get very messy.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are offered. Please make sure you check your purchased before check out.

What is the process if my child or I am sick on day of session?

Please call us before session and we will try arrange a make up class in the coming weeks. 

Are we allowed to eat during a session?

Food is allowed in the messy play section. 

Food is NOT allowed in the Imaginative play area.

Pram Friendly?

If we had more space, yes but due to the layout it was difficult to accomodate.

Prams are allowed to be parked out the front AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Do you have toilet and change table facilities?

We have access to the Shopping centres toilets, they are clean and tidy. Please ask a team member for the key.

We have a built in change table area to help mums with mini munchkins. YAY ! 

Please leave all facilities clean and tidy.