A perfect activity to introduce your little ones to in those early days and get mums out the house making new, meaningful relationships and life long friends.

During your session, we will gather together for circle time, then the remainer of your time will be spent enjoying the messy play area finishing off with a play in the imaginative play space.

Mini Munchkins

4 months – 1 year 

All children are different so this age bracket is a guide. 

Mini Munchkin sessions are for the little ones, finding their place in the world, touching, pulling, grabbing, sitting, mouthing.

If you are happy to join us at 3 months old please do, we are happy to accomdate those interested in messy play.

 Remember they are so little, sensory play might be overwhelming at first but give them a few months and they will be ruling the roost. 

Moving Munchkins

12 months – 3 years old 

All children are different so this age bracket is a guide. 

Moving Munchkin sessions are for all moving toddlers, from bum shufflers, taking steps, pulling themselves up to walkers and talkers.

This session helps them engage in play with different levels of play, on their feet, toes, floor.

Engaging in painting, playdough and messy play.

Messy play might be new to some but come back by session three. Comfort and familiarity will take over and the benifits of Messy HQ will be shining through. 

All Ages

More information coming soon