A bit about us

Well if this image doesn’t sum us up, nothing will.

We love to see children explore the world through play, and oh do children love to get messy. 

This idea came about in 2017, and now is my reality.

I’m so proud and excited of whats to come.

Dream Big, I did, and now we have…

Messy HQ

The place to explore through messy sensory and imaginative play.


Jessica Ryan

I am the Owner and Creator of Messy Little Munchkins.

You can call me Jess.

I’m from South Africa, and love my roots.

No place like home is a very true statement.

Proud wife, and Mum to two of my very own little munchkins, who you will see a lot of when coming to our sessions.

They love getting messy!

Mum to our furbaby too, Jock.

I cant wait to meet you!

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Shari Roberts Team Member

Hi, I’m Shari. 

I have recently completed my certificate 3 in Early education.

 I love to see children learn through play and get messy.

I am Mum to my border collie, Bowie. 

I have a passion for animals, especially Australian wildlife.

See you soon at Messy HQ!

Many studies and research has shown that messy play has an important role in a child’s health and development. It fosters their curiosity, exploration and imagination, by exploring how things feel, smell and in some cases taste.

By engaging in this type of play, our little ones are using their own mind to plan, explore and problem-solve, they are building on their self-confidence and self-esteem that will help to develop them into happy independent little munchkins and further more, our future.

There are only benefits and positives when engaging in Messy play.

We also infuse our products with Doterra Essential oils where possible, to make sure our little ones senses are heightened in a positive manner. * this can be optional.